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Concrete Steps, Walkways, and Sidewalks

Build USA is a building and contracting business that specializes in offering top-notch services for various construction and renovation projects. We provide a wide range of services, including new installation, remodeling, renovation, and repair work. Our first priority is to satisfy our clients by offering excellent service and the best caliber of artistry by completing projects on time and under budget.

We have a reputable construction business in New Jersey that offers high-end concrete solutions for residential and commercial buildings. With over 10 years of experience and knowledge, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional results. We offer installation and maintenance of concrete sidewalks, pathways, and steps, so our customers have attractive, long-lasting outdoor environments. As the go-to option for concrete contractors in NJ, we stand out for our dedication to high-quality work, affordable pricing, and client satisfaction.

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Services We Offer:

To ensure that your projects are done to your complete satisfaction, we only utilize the best materials and employ experienced and qualified personnel for all of our services.

Concrete Steps:

Build USA supplies residential and commercial properties with high-quality concrete solutions. We provide services tailored to the client’s particular requirements and preferences.

Steps made of concrete are sturdy and trustworthy options for buildings and structures. They are weather-resistant and can be tailored to fit the client’s particular demands, such as safety and accessibility requirements. Build USA is the best option for anyone seeking a reputable and experienced contractor for their concrete step project due to our competence and experience.

  • Stamped Concrete Steps

    create a decorative pattern to the concrete step surface, such as a stone, brick, or slate texture. This method can make the steps appear more natural and enhance their visual appeal.

  • Colored Concrete Steps

    involve coloring the concrete steps by introducing colors into the concrete mixture or staining the surface after the steps have been poured.

  • Concrete Steps with Railings

    include placing handrails or railings on concrete steps to enhance safety and accessibility. Wood, metal, and glass are among the materials used to construct railings, which can be customized to complement the house's aesthetic.

  • Concrete Steps with Lighting

    is the installation of lights on concrete steps to improve their visibility and safety, particularly in low-light settings. This illumination can be incorporated into the steps or positioned on the handrails.

  • Outdoor Stairway Solutions

    include the design and construction of custom outdoor stairways, including concrete steps, pathways, and landings. This results in functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor stairs that fulfill the home's needs.

  • Repair and Maintenance of Concrete Steps

    entail concrete step repairing and maintaining services to keep them in good shape. To prevent further damage, this may involve repairing cracks, patching damaged areas, or resealing the surface of the steps. This service is intended to extend the life of the steps and maintain their best appearance.


We provide various services for walkways, including installation, maintenance, and reconstruction. We can assist you if you require a new pathway for a residential or commercial business. Our staff will collaborate with you to develop an aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound concrete walkway to the front door of the house.

  • Custom walkway design and construction

    help you create a pathway that fits your aesthetic and practical requirements. It involves creating a stamped concrete walkway with a particular pattern, color, or texture and including unique elements like lighting or drainage systems.

  • Walkway repair and renovation

    includes restoring broken walkways or remodeling existing walkways to enhance their beauty or functionality. Also, repairing cracks, removing and replacing damaged or worn pieces, or adding new features such as lighting or drainage systems.

  • Decorative concrete walkways

    include incorporating decorative elements, such as stamped concrete walkways, colored concrete, or exposed into the design of a concrete sidewalk. This service aims to produce a visually appealing and distinctive walkway that enhances the property's overall beauty.

  • Walkway maintenance

    includes routine maintenance such as pressure washing, resealing, and crack filling to keep walkways in good shape. This treatment is intended to preserve the integrity and longevity of walkways.

  • Permeable walkways

    involve the installation of walkways that enable water to infiltrate through the surface and into the ground, reducing runoff and enhancing water quality. This walkway style is an eco-friendly option that may implement in both residential and business environments.


Our sidewalk services include installation, repair, and replacement. Our team of experts is equipped with the skills and equipment necessary to ensure that your sidewalk is safe, durable, and compliant with local regulations. Whether you need a new sidewalk for your home or a commercial property, we can help.

  • Sidewalk repair

    includes repairing cracks, chips, and other defects on an existing sidewalk.

  • Sidewalk replacement

    involves removing an old, broken sidewalk and installing a brand-new one.

  • Sidewalk renovation

    is about renovating a sidewalk which involves adding amenities such as ornamental elements, accessibility features, and lighting to an existing sidewalk.

  • Sidewalk maintenance

    involves regularly cleaning and maintaining sidewalks to ensure they remain in good condition.

  • Accessibility upgrades

    entail incorporating elements such as ramps, tactile paving, and curb cuts into sidewalks to make them compliant with accessibility laws.

  • Decorative finishes

    give a decorative finish using decorative elements, including stains, stamps, and textures, to improve the appearance of sidewalks.

Build USA Concrete Steps, Walkways, and Sidewalks Contractors in NJ is the prime provider of concrete services in New Jersey. Whether our clients require new steps, a walkway, or a sidewalk, our team of professionals is committed to delivering high-quality outcomes. We are the preferred choice for residential and commercial properties due to our years of experience and commitment to customer satisfaction. Your search is over if you are searching for a dependable and skilled contractor for your next concrete project. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and get your next project started!

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